Modeling Swords

Carmen’s Fun Painty Time blog has a tutorial on making swords from wire.

Making Rubble From Sculpty

Carmen’s blog has a set of instructions on making bits of rubble from Sculpty.

Quick and Easy Lord of the Rings Plastic Conversion

The OMad blog has an article on converting Lord of the Rings plastic figures. Learning techniques such as these will come in handy, given the large number of plastic figures now in the offing.

A Futuristic Bunker From Miniature Bases

Toposolitario has a tutorial on making a futuristic bunker out of spare miniatures bases.

Making Plasticard Movement Trays

The Tabletop Terrain site has a little, but useful article on making movement trays for your figures. This is particularly useful for games like Warhammer Ancients and the new Lord of the Rings big battle game, where large numbers of individual figures are maneuvered about.