Printing and Basing Paper Soldiers

Matt Fritz has some advice on printing and basing paper soldiers for your miniatures wargames.

Basing Starship Models

Star Ranger has this advice for basing your starship models. There are lessons to be learned here for players of Battlefleet Gothic, Full Thrust, Star Fleet battles, and other science fiction miniature wargames.

Old School Warhammer Fantasy Basing Tutorial

Realm of Chaos has a tutorial on basing using techniques I gleaned from back in the 1980s when I first started playing Warhammer Fantasy.

Advice on Basing Your Figures

Legio Wargames has a tutorial on basing your figures with wood filler, sand and other bits.

Using Children’s Board Books For Bases

Here’s an interesting idea about using an old children’s board book as a base for making terrain. I think there’s lots of other uses for this readily available source of thick cardboard.