Magnetic Basing Instructions

The Wargames Table has a very useful article on making magnetic basing. Using a magnetic system can be useful both for movement trays and for transport.

For my part, I base all of my 28mm figures on one inch washers. Then, I line both movement trays and transport boxes with magnetic vinyl, of the sort used for signs for the sides of cars.

I’ve also found that I can paint the magnetic vinyl with no loss of magnetism. So, my movement trays have a green surface onto which the figure bases stick.

Looking For Roots For Modeling

This is a bit esoteric, but the Massive Voodoo has an interesting article on seeking out roots to use as bases for display miniatures. They’d also make some really cool and alien looking tabletop scenery.

I’m reminded of something that John Hill, creator of Johnny Reb, said to me years ago: Nature recreates itself in miniature. Thus, chunks of bark look like rock formations, tree branches retrain the structure of trees, etc.

Basing Figures On Washers

Here are some great ideas for basing figures on washers. This is exactly the technique (and the same fender washers) that I use.

Poker Chip Terrain Bases

Carmen’s Fun Painty Time blog has a couple nice examples of terrain bases made from poker chips. He’s a very talented guy.

Basing Figures With Baking Soda

A mix of baking soda and super glue can be used to make finely textured bases.