Making a 28mm Scale Church

TerraGenesis has a photo tutorial on making a 28mm Scale Church. It’s done in a cross layout and features a nicely done interior.

Cork Terrain Tiles Tutorial

The Wargaming Depot blog has a tutorial on making terrain tiles from cork.

It’s an idea that I considered for quite some time, before finally settling on doing a similar thing with 1 foot square carpet tiles.

Hills, Mountains and Cliffs For Wargaming

The Schild en Vriend site has a nice article discussing hills, mountains and cliffs on the wargames tabletop

Building Mad Scientist Labs

Terragenesis has an article on building laboratory equipment for mad scientists. The photos show an amazing use of various household and electronics bits.

Miles Of Barbed Wire

Tim’s Wargaming Blog has a photo tutorial on making “36 Miles of Barbed Wire.”