Play Ogre With Lego

Steve Jackson’s Ogre is a classic game. I first got a copy when it was in a small bag with thin cardboard cutout counters. It’s gone through several incarnations since then, but the idea of hordes of GEVs and infantry against a single cybernetic tank. Now Dan Efran has a page describing how to build Ogre pieces with Lego. Its really cool, and I can’t wait until my kids outgrow the things and I inherit them.

BrickMech Lego Miniatures Rules

Peter Guenther offers BrickMech, a

d6-based game where Mechs built of LEGO� bricks vie for ultimate control of the battlefield. Constructed in a unique modular system, Mechs can scavenge parts blown off other Mechs to improve their stats. The game is designed to be a rich gaming experience that’s simple to play.

Brickquest Miniatures Rules

Brickquest is a set of free miniature wargames rules for dungeon adventures along the lines of Heroquest or DungeonQuest. The catch here is that it uses Lego guys.

Lego Knights

Gurth offers a set of free wargames rules for using those Lego figures that your kids (or maybe you!!) have hidden under the bed.

When my kids go off to college, I’m going to have the biggest collection of Legos any middle-aged man has ever had.


BrikWars! is a site dedicated to fighting miniatures battles with Legos. No, I’m not kidding. You have got to see it to believe it. There’s a Lego Napoleonics battle that makes me want to raid my kids’ collection.