The Basic Fantasy Role Playing Game

The Basic Fantasy Role Playing game is just that — a role playing game released under the Open Game License. it’s based on the d20 3.5 rules, but takes its inspiration from old school role playing.

Glave Fantasy Skirmish Rules

Glave is a set of fantasy battle rules that:

can be used with any style or type of miniatures. The system uses 6 sided dice to resolve all combat outcomes. Each player gets a certain amount of “training points” to train and equip his army with.

The Nauticans Unofficial Warhammer Army List

An ambitious work, this: an unofficial Warhammer army list for an Atlantean army called the Nauticans.

Return to Lilliput 2.0 Battling Bigguns

Return to Lilliput 2.0 is a set of rules by Walt O’Hara in which, twenty years after Gulliver, a band of pirates arrives at Lilliput.

Twilight Small Scale Skirmish Rules

Hasslefree Miniatures has a trial set of their Twilight Small Scale Skirmish miniatures rules.