Supreme Warlord: BloodLust Fantasy Rules

Bloodlust is a set of free wargames rules for fantasy battles with 15mm figures. The author writes:

SUPREME WARLORD: BLOOD LUST is a set of rules designed to create massive battles using 15 mm Historical pre-1600 castings and/or Fantasy castings.  The Blood Lust Series is an effort to get new players into historical and miniature gaming. The rules in this series will focus on combat and inflicting casualties because new players tend to understand blood flowing and the visual affect of depleting units.  Morale and command control rules are a factor but do not dominate play.

In the fantasy version, the World is in the midst of conflict dominated by several races embarking on quests of global domination.  Resistance has been fierce and costly to all sides causing the war to escalate into wars of Racial Extermination.

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