Hordes of the Empire HOTT Variant

Hordes of the Empire is a colonial variant of the Hordes of the Things rules. Hordes uses DBA mechanisms.

New World DBA

New World DBA is a set of amendments and lists for playing DBA games in the New World: Tupis, Aztecs, Incas and Conquistadors

Hordes of Dervishes Colonial Rules

Hordes of Dervishes is a set of free wargames rules for fighting battles in the Sudan. They’re based on the DBA system and are intended for 15mm figures.

New Zealand Colonial Wars DBA Variant

Stephen Thomas offers a DBA variant for New Zealand Colonials Wars. The author writes:

These rules are intended to refight the battles of the New Zealand Colonial Wars, 1840-1872. They do not cover skirmishes They are based on DBA, and influenced by the article by Ed White on DBA and the Seven Years War (WI65), and Clive Clapson’s article on the Maori Wars (WI63). As in Ed’s article there are two assumptions:

1. The first round of close combat also includes short range small-arms and artillery fire.

2. Troops potency depended on their ability to deliver close range volleys or cold steel.

Napoleonic DBA Rules

Steve Burt has a set of free wargames rules for playing Napoleonics using DBA mechanics.