D6 Shooters Cowboy Game

D6 Shooters is a solo Old West Campaign game. The format could be adapted to a wide variety of periods and settings.

The d6 Shooters are a famous Old West posse, and you are their leader. In this solitaire Print-and-Play series, you will lead your posse on several adventures and missions, using a Yahtzee-style dice system to gain resources, movement and perform other important actions. There is always danger near, and your journeys will be very challenging to complete, but there is also the potential for great reward with untapped gold deposits among the California lands where you travel.

Skirmish Wars Advance Tactics Boardgame

Skirmish Wars Advance Tactics:

is a light – medium weight wargame based on the wildly popular turn-based strategy game Advance Wars released by Nintendo. It will be a print and play game with a modular game board system for endless variety. The main objective will be to capture your enemies HQ or eliminate all enemy threats. Players will start many scenarios without units and just a handful of money. By building units and capturing cites, players can raise new capital in order to build bigger armies.

Battle of Ayrene Board Game

The Battle of Ayrene is a free print and play board game featuring a battle between dwarves and elves.

Mutant Chronicles Warzone Monopoly Board

No. Seriously. It’s cool.

Mutant Chronicles Warzone Monopoly Board

Ringmaster Lord of the Rings Board and Card Game

Ringmaster is a free Lord of the Rings board and card game. The author writes that his intent was to create a LOTR game similar to Risk, with playing mechanisms like Diplomacy.