Painting Warmaster Figures

I’ve always found painting 10mm and 6mm wargames figures to be difficult. Brumbaer has this guide that hopefully will make things easier.

10mm Paper Science Fiction Buildings

Hawks Wargames has a large selection of downloadable 10mm full color paper model science fiction buildings.

10mm Figures Comparison

Brumbaer has a couple of pages comparing the relative sizes of 10mm figures from different manufacturers. Useful stuff, if you’re looking to fill out your Warmaster armies.

Tigers At Minsk

Tigers at Minsk is a set of WWII rules designed for 10mmm figures on 4 inch hexes. The author writes:

These rules are specifically designed for WWII tactical games to be played in a small area (3′ x 2′ or slightly larger) using 4″ hexes. Units represent individual infantry sections, support weapons and vehicles. Most of the scenarios presented here use a gaming space that is 8 hexes wide by 6 hexes deep if using a 4″ hex with the hex grain running sideways (see scenario maps). The equipment lists and scenarios relate to the east front circa 1943 / 44 and have been developed using Kallistra hex terrain and Pendraken’s 10mm figures.