PDQ RPG Core Rules

PDQ stands for Prose Descriptive Qualities, and is an innovative RPG system from Atomic Sock Monkey Games. I think there are some ideas here that could be lifted for a character driven miniatures game.

World Of Gainar Fantasy Role Playing System

The World Of Gainar is a massive work — a complete RPG system set in a post-apocalypse fantasy world. This is no Gamma World, however. From my reading, it seems to be more of a traditional fantasy — with dwarves and elves (fey), swords and shields, but also with gunpowder and steam tech. For those who just want the background, there’s a stripped down version that’s just the world book.

Warrior and Wizard RPG and Combat Game

Warrior and Wizard is an RPG and Combat game apparently inspired by The Fantasy Trip.

Character Sheets For The Fantasy Trip

Seven Hex Dragon has some free pdf character sheets for The Fantasy Trip.

The Basic Fantasy Role Playing Game

The Basic Fantasy Role Playing game is just that — a role playing game released under the Open Game License. it’s based on the d20 3.5 rules, but takes its inspiration from old school role playing.