Three Plains 15mm Fantasy Wargaming

Three Plains is a new, and free, 15mm fantasy wargaming system. It also comes with free print-and-play figures.

Kings of War Starter Fantasy Rules

Kings of War is a new set of fantasy rules from Mantic Games, who make some very cool figures. But the rules are non-figure-line specific. And they’re free.

Elfball Fantasy Football Rules

From Impact Games, Elfball is a set of fantasy “football” rules. It’s played on an oval field, so it’s not like “American Rules.”

Plastic Attack Rules For Action Figures

Plastic Attack is a simple set of free wargames rules for playing games with your plastic action figures.

The Fantasy Trip Third Dimension

The Fantasy Trip Third Dimension is a set of rules modifications for The Fantasy Trip / Melee / Wizard that allows you to use Heroscape sets instead of cardboard counters. The three dimensions create some issues, but these solve them. You’ll need The Fantasy Trip to play, but if you don’t have a copy, you can make do with Legends, which is free from Dark City Games.