Apocalypse Pooh

One of the most twisted things I’ve ever seen. Suitable for work and kids of the intelligent sort, but twisted.

RPG Motivational Posters

You’ve seen those business “motivational” posters in the office supply stores. You know … the ones with a photo on a black background and some absurdly simplistic saying, like “Dedication: The Will To Keep Going.”

Here’s a site with a collection of RPG motivational posters.

Zombie Survival Guide

Danger 50,000 Volts: The Zombie Edition is a hysterical send up of both zombie movie culture and those second rate documentaries that show up on cable.

Old Negro Space Program

If you’ve had it up to here with Ken Burns’ pretentious, self indulgent “history” films (and even more so of his less-talented imiatators), then you probably will enjoy The Old Negro Space Program. It’s got all of the trademark Burns trouches, including the overstuffed, unintentionally funny “experts.”