British Name Generator

To do a proper Victorian science fiction game, you’ve got to have characters with very British names. This site will help you out by generating proper british names.

Fake War Stories Site

Fake War Stories is a site where users can submit their favorite RPG “war stories.” They’re hysterical.

Penguins vs The Santa Claus Army

This video shows the horrific battle of eleven thousand penguins versus an army of Santa Claus clones to retake Christmas Town.

Unintentionally Funny Fantasy Gamers Review “Black Powder”

In this video, two fantasy gamers review “Black Powder,” the historical rules set from Warlord Games.

The video highlights the often wide gulf in attitudes, expectations and language between fantasy/science fiction and historical gamers.

From just the first few minutes

“Lets talk a little bit about the factions … The French … always good at shooting … British … always were fighting. …  The Russians … from the Crimea.”

“You can always decide whether you’re a married or unmarried Zulu …”

“Believe it or not there aren’t any points in this game.”

“It’s very hard (the lack of points) because there is a lot of agreement to be had in this book … because generally I sit and I bend twist the rules to see who can get the most advantage … while this book is sort of an agreed ‘your commander is this and my commander is that.'”

Don’t get me wrong. I am not mocking the guys who made this video. What I find humorous is the gulf in our hobby. It reminds of of the quote from Winston Churchill, who once quipped that the English and the Americans are two people separated by a common language.