Warfare In Western Europe 1050-1300

Brian Cameron's Warfare in Western Europe is a set of free wargames rules for medieval warfare. The scale is 1:50 and the set leans more toward the "beer and pretzels" style of game, as its just three pages long. But that's a good thing!

Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency

I run a Halloween themed miniatures wargame every October, so this pseudo history site was a lot of fun for me. It's a history of the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency, which operated from 1868 to 1975.

Wild West Scenario

I've always loved westerns, and one of my ongoing historical miniature projects has been The Wild West. Matthias at My Wargames Page has a free scenario for the Six Gun Sound wargames rules.

FUMBBL Online Bloodbowl League

The FUMBLL Online Bloodbowl League "is an online Blood Bowl league open for everyone who wants to join in. As there is no set schedule, you can play whenever you have the time to do so.

Gang Warfare Battle and Campaign Rules

Years ago, I played in a play-by-mail game called "Its a Crime." In that game, you were in charge of a street gang and tried to wrest control of city blocks from the other gang leaders (players). These free wargames rules from the Lincoln Miniature Warfare Society allow you to do the same thing on the miniatures gaming tabletop.