Newspaper Article On Kentucky Man’s Miniature Wargaming Collection

I ran across this while surfing the web: With 11,213 toy soldiers, Shelbyville man takes his wargaming hobby seriously

BBC On Wargaming and Games Workshop

The BBC website has an article on Warhammer 40K. Gary Chalk, (one of my favorites) former Warhammer artist and game designer, doesn’t have good things to say.

World’s Largest Toy Soldier Collection

Smithsonian Magazine has an article on the world’s largest toy soldier collection. There are apparently more than a million figures in all.

Wargaming, 1966

The Vintage Wargaming blog has a post worth sharing with scans of a 1966 newspaper photo story about local wargamers.

Playing At The World – The Early Days of RPGs

I don’t often post a link to a complete site, preferring to point to specific posts I find interesting. In this case, however, I think it is worth a full site mention. Playing At The World is a blog about the early days of RPGs. For those of us of a certain age, I think you’ll find that this blog is worth an hour’s worth of reading.