Spooky Trees and Fog Machine

Ironhands has some evil trees he built from kids toys, and a page explaining how he used an electric fog machine to add some great effects to his tabletop games.

Now how about some fog through the spooky trees.

Modeling Trees For The Great War

The Wargames Table has a nice article on modeling trees for The Great War. The trees also look to me as though they would be nice for a deadlands type of fantasy setup.

Model Trees and Silhouettes

Mark Veneman has a tutorial on making model trees. He also has a useful selection of tree silhouettes to help you shape your little wonders. While the instructions are aimed at model railroaders, they’re just as useful for miniature wargamers.

Making A Forest

Here’s a nice tutorial on making a forest for your 28mm figures.

Modeling Forest Stands

I am in the process of making some new tree stands, so I went looking for some advice. I like the way these turned out.