Modeling The Nailwood

There was a guy in our group who constructed an entire forest out of nails and sponges. It seemed like a good idea until one of the players leaned over the table and his hand came down on one of the trees.

Still, if you’re brave enough, here’s how to do it.

Make Your Own Foam Foliage

Kings Minis has a nice article on how to make your own foam foliage. My wife is doing upholstery on the kitchen chairs, and the’s likely to be surplus of foam. I can’t wait!

Basing Trees

Here’s a photo tutorial on basing tree armatures.

Making An Orange Grove

The Daddy’s Little Men Blog has a brief article on his experience trying to make an orange grove for a game set in southern Lebanon.

Modeling Birch Trees

The I See Lead People Blog has a photo tutorial on modeling the distinctive Birch Tree.