Redcoats and Dervishes

Redcoats and Dervishes is a set of free wargames rules for playing games set in the period of Great Britain’s involvement in Egypt and the Sudan.

Sudan Redoubt

If you are playing miniature wargames set in the Sudan, you’ve got to have a redoubt. Steve Winter has a very detailed explaination of how to build one.

Hordes of Dervishes Colonial Rules

Hordes of Dervishes is a set of free wargames rules for fighting battles in the Sudan. They’re based on the DBA system and are intended for 15mm figures.

‘eres To You Fuzzy Wuzzy Colonial Wargames Rules

Bob Cordery offers “Eres To You Fuzzy Wuzzy,” a set of free wargames rules for recreating battles for British Empire in the Sudan.

The author writes:

ETYFW relies upon the use of both average dice (AvDs produce more predictable results) and normal dice
(D6s produce less predictable results) to reflect the following features of the Sudanese Campaign:
• British and Egyptian firepower could destroy Mahdist attacks if they got enough warning;
• British and Egyptian forces moved slowly but surely about the battlefield;
• British and Egyptian forces might be beaten in close combat by the sheer ferocity of the Mahdist
• Mahdist forces has less predictable firepower than the British and Egyptians;
• Mahdist forces moved in a less formal and therefore more rapid manner on the battlefield than the
British and Egyptians.