RKAA Brigade Commander Rules

RKAA Brigade Commander is a set of free wargames rules for brigade sized encounters in World War II on the Eastern Front.

Hurrah Stalino!

Hurrah Stalino! is a set of corps to army level rules for the Eastern Front in World War II.

Death Struggle: Barbarossa 1941

Death Struggle: Barbarossa 1941 is a print-and-play, hex-and-counter board game from prolific game creator Lou Coatney.

OP Art – Operational Rules For WWII Eastern Front

Op Art is a set of rules for operational level games on the Eastern Front of WWII. The author writes:

Operational Art is the term first coined by the Russians to describe the level oc fomat that falls between the tactics used on the battlefield and the strategic direction of a war. The basic units of manoeuvre are division sized formations and the decision making level is that of army commander.

The rules have been designed so that players can recreate battles fought at this level; as a result a degree of abstraction has been included in the mechanisms used and especially in the way in which combat is resolved.