Afriborea Colonial Wars Rules

Prolific games designer Rudi Geudens offers Afriboria, a fast play, card driven set of colonial rules. What’s really neat about this game is that Rudi has designed some gorgeous custom cards, as well as labels to stick to six sided dice for use with the game.

Internet African History Sourcebook

Attention all fans of gaming in Colonial Africa. The Internet African History Sourcebook offers a great selection of links about Africa from Ancient to Modern times. Of particular interest is the section on “imperialism” in Africa.

Historical Maps of Africa

Has the “Darkest Africa” fad passed? I hope not. The Wargames Foundry line of figures by Mark Copplestone and others sparked a hobby-wide interest in miniature wargames that were more role-playing oriented — adventure games, if you will. If you’re still playing darkest Africa games — or if you’re thinking about getting into them, here’s a good site with historical maps of Africa.

A Place In The Sun African Colonial Rules

A Place In The Sun is a set of free wargames rules for southwest Africa from Greg Novak. The download link is on the upper right side on the landing page.

Darkest Africa Articles From Foundry

Wargames Foundry is offering online reprints of the classic Darkest Africa articles from Wargames Illustrated. I love seeing Foundry make a move back toward its gamer roots. The new management is to be congratulated.

The Darkest Africa articles include two rules sets and numerous background pieces.