Making Guard Huts

Here’s a nice piece of wargames terrain that makes me think, for some reason, of “The Great Escape.” From Steve Winter comes these instructions for making a corrugated metal hut.

Structures For Colonial Gaming

Here’s a set of instructions on how to build a variety of buildings for your colonial wargames.

Making Coffee Stick Buildings

DJK’s Fantasy World has a nice three part series on how to build model houses from coffee stirring sticks.

Making Thatched Roofs

I’ve tried a variety of different methods for making thatched roofs for my miniature wargames buildings. This one from Ryan Skow works well.

Building Simple English Civil War Houses

Mitch’s Wargaming and Model Making Blog has a short illustrated article on making an English Civil War style house. I’ve used similar techniques to build a town of houses for my Gothic Horror games.