Print and Play Catan For Younger Kids

Here’s an interesting project to make a version of Catan that’s accessible to younger children.

Catan Oil Springs Free Expansion

Oil Springs is a new expansion for the ubiquitous Settlers of Catan game.

Dr. Who Solo Storytelling Game

I love Dr. Who. Here’s a solo game that lets you help the Doctor save the universe. From the game description:

‘Doctor Who’ is a paragraph based solitaire story game. You read various numbered sections one after another but the sequence of the paragraphs is determined by rules and tables. Each describes a new situation, or provides rules about the choices and actions you can make. There are plenty of events and situations, so each game will be a new, fresh experience.

Monsters Menace Monopoly

From the fertile mind of Andrew Domino comes Monster Menace Monopoly:

All you need for Monsters Menace Monopoly is a copy of the World’s Most Popular Board Game (I don’t know if that’s trademarked, but it feels like it should be). Tired of spending hours going around and around the board buying and selling properties? Why not spend some time going around the board throwing houses and hotels at the other players, and stomping on Boardwalk? These are links for the Monsters Menace Monopoly (PDF format) rules, the monster information sheets (PDF format), and player tokens (PDF format) which you can print and cut out.

Donning The Purple Print and Play

Donning the Purple is a 1 – 3 player print and play game about political intrigue in ancient Rome. I have the physical kickstarter game and enjoy it as a solo endeavor.