Battle For Moscow Free WWII Board Game

Years ago, GDW used to hand out copies of a simple Frank Chadwick game called Battle for Moscow. I’ve got a copy, and have used it to introduce players to board style hex wargaming. If you dont’ have a copy of this classic, you can download it here.

The Barons of Fyn Card and Tile Game

The Barons of Fyn is a free downloadable card and tile game from Bones Games. In the game, rival barons try to expand their borders, building a fiefdom of loyal towns and cities, and strengthening their armies. It’s beer and pretzels for 2 to 6 players. I’ve played this, and its fun.

Floating Islands Print and Play Games

Floating Islands is a free print and play game about building an archipelago from floating sky islands.

Stalingrad Attacked

Lou Coatney offers Stalingrad Attacked, a free, complete board wargame. Coatney is a veteran game designer with a number of published designs, including Dark Crusade.

Cannonade Napoleonic Wargame

Cannonade is a Napoleonic era board style wargame designed to be played on a hex board. While the board isn’t provided, the game does include counters for you to print out.