Watchtower Paper Models

If making a watchtower from scratch is a little above your modeling skills, you might be interested in these very nice paper model watchtowers.

Trojan War Battleboards For Saga

If you’ve already got the SAGA Dark ages game, you may be interested in these expansion battleboards for the Trojan War.

De Bellis Navalibis

De Bellis Navalibis is a set of free wargames rules for playing ancients naval wargames.

WRG Ancients 4th Edition

The 4th edition of WRG Ancients was published in 1973 and is among the foundational rules sets of the miniature wargaming hobby.


Ancients D6 Version 3

Ancients D6 is a very nice looking set of Ancients rules. They also have extensive army lists. From the introduction:

Gone are our days of playing complicated simulations. Most of my friends and I do not have nearly the time to play long and complicated rules systems. I love Ancient and Medieval warfare and was looking for the perfect game. I have bought and tried many of the games on the market and found different things:
· Games were needlessly complicated.
· Games were so simple that they were not very rewarding.
· Games were not well thought out.

When playing some games, a certain amount of math is required. Simple math done over and over again for hours at a time can be quite tiring. Too many modifiers will wear a person out in no time at all. So our challenge was to:
· Design a game that can be played in 1 or 2 hours
· Provide simple game mechanics to minimize the math calculations
· Provide an easy to follow game turn
· Allow for the nuances the different armies of antiquity