Paean: Greek City State Wars rules

Paean is a set of free wargames rules for the Greek City State wars.

Legio Quaternarius Ancients Rules

Legio Quaternarius is a set of free wargames rules for ancients, played on a square grid. The author writes of the rules that they are:

Sweet and Legion! inspired fast Ancients Rules; we originally played them on a hex gridded table, but they should work fine using a Table with a 3″ square grid as well (for 25mm figures, mostly mounted on 60mm frontage stands). The rules are very ,uch of the “Rock, Paper Scissors Type”, being ultimaterly inspired by the WRG Ancients (? 3rd or 4th edition by this time)., which I played a few times but found too fussy for my tastes… plus those reactions tests; way too time consuming for what usually resulted in “Carry on as Ordered”.

(Your Name Here) and the Argonauts

(Your Name Here) and the Argonauts is a free solitaire print-and-play game

of adventures and legends set in Grecian mythology. You will take on the role of a hero set out to recover treasure, slay monsters, and find a place for yourself in the retelling of Greek myths. The game is played with a set of (initially) 30 cards that represent the monsters, treasures, and gods will become the tale of your adventure. This deck, and your character, will change and grow as you play more games, which is meant to reflect how tales become more embellished and outlandish each time they are told.

A Recreation of Charles Sweet’s Ancients Rules

“Gonsalvo,” who played with legendary gamer Charles Sweet, has attempted to recreate Sweet’s Ancients rules. A little background on Sweet from the blog post:

Charlie was one of the true Old Guard of our Miniature Wargaming hobby. He was one of the original fifty or so subscribers to Jack Scruby’s pioneering wargames magazine, Wargames Digest, first published in 1957. Charlie was a frequent contributor to the magazine, but never published any commercial rules sets. He holds an extremely important place in the history of our hobby none the less. In 1965, Sports Illustrated published an article “A Little War can be a lot of Fun”, covering the hobby and Charlie’s games with his brother. This was the first ever national exposure for the hobby, and was followed by additional coverage, including a spot on the television show, “Sixty Minutes”. Charlie brought our hobby out into the open (at least in the US), and made it both visible and respectable.

Houserules For Warhammer Gladiators

Here are a set of houserules for the Warhammer Gladiator game.