Dustland Skirmish Game

Dust Land is a skirmish game that the author says is somewhat based on the music video “Slow In Reverse”:

Dust Land is a free miniature game made by myself with the help of a few friends. The game is roughly based on the music video “Slow in Reverse.” Except a lot of the ideas came from my own head. Even the planet is of my own idea. Kind of like an alternate Earth!

During the video I wanted to make my own game, and thought that an apocalyptic wild west game hadn’t been done before. So I started writing it and this is where it is now. 5 months later and still going strong!

The game’s plot is the church of the Dark Brotherhood, worshiped the underworld and converted 25% of the New Worlds population. Fenrul started the Dark Brotherhood but was killed by Joseph, the leader of the Order of Kings. Five years later, after the underworld and many followers of the Brotherhood figured out Fenrul’s secret to go through the underworld, and the New world, atttacked. Cities were destroyed and armies ripped apart on Judgement day. Small towns and settlements survived for the most part but the New World was changed drastically. Almost all of the moisture was stripped and the vegetation killed! The New World was in a dessert era. One that would never end. Water became a commodity, and the dependance on one another increased.

This is the game in a nut-shell. I hope you all enjoy, and more fluff and back story will arrive at later dates.

Read more: http://dustlandthegame.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=game&action=display&thread=5#ixzz1hlyZmuE9

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