Paper Modern Middle Eastern Buildings

The Combat Storm site has a couple of modern middle eastern buildings available for downloading. They’re scaled for those green plastic army men, so you may need to resize them on printing if you want to use them with smaller scales.

Over Pakistan One Page Wargame

Over Pakistan is a one page hex and counter wargame about an air war between Pakistan and India.

Violence RPG

Violence is a modern version of dungeon crawling, in which you shot your way through an apartment building instead of slashing your way through a dungeon. The authors write:

Violence is a lot like Dungeons & Dragons by that other company. You and your friends play characters in an imaginary world. You wander about a maze, kicking down doors, killing whatever you find on the other side, and taking its possessions. The main difference is this: The world isn’t some third-rate fantasy writer’s drivel about elves and dwarves and magic spells, but the world of today. The doors you kick down aren’t those of a subterranean dungeon–unless you’re in the subway but those of decent, honest, hard-working people who merely want to live their lives. The things you kill aren’t cardboard monsters whom the game defines as okay to kill because, well, they’re monsters but fellow human beings, with families and friends and hopes and fears and highly developed senses of morality far better people than you, in fact. And the things you steal aren’t magic items and gold pieces but stereos, computers, jewellery, and whatever other items of value you can lift.

In a sense, it seems that you’re not supposed to play this game as much as read it. As they pointed out on Play This Thing, reading it should bring about questions about what you’re doing in a standard dungeon crawl. What’s the real difference between raiding the homes of monsters and stealing their stuff and raiding apartments and stealing their electronics?

I wonder.

It is a good read, though.

All Quiet On The Martian Front Game Photos

Here are a few photos from a recent game I ran of All Quiet On The Martian Front. The game is set in an alternate early 1900s, during the second Martian invasion. This time, humanity is more prepared, with steam tanks, heavy artillery, machine guns and other accoutrements of industrial warfare.

In this game, the human left flank collapsed early, but the Martian left (human right) also collapsed. The center was touch and go. Then the Martian right (human left) rolled up the center. The human right (Martian left) tried to stem the tide, but it was too much. A Martian victory.

Zombie Infection Simulation v2.3

Ok. This is neat. It’s a Java window that shows how fast one infected individual can destroy a population.
Zombie Infection Simulation v2.3