The Battle of Naseby 1645

Junior General has a new set of rules and a scenario for fighting the English Civil war Battle of Naseby.

D3 ECW Rules

A variant of the One-Hour Wargames rules, the D3 ECW rules use a combination of D3 (1,1,2,2,3,3) and D6 dice.

Renaissance Raiders Fastplay Border Reivers Rules

From the mind of Rudi Geudens comes Renaissance Raiders, a set of free wargames rules for recreating conflicts along the Anglo-Scottish border. Based on the Command and Colors system, these are card driven, hex based rules designed for fast play.

Jack Scruby’s Rules For A Thirty Years Wargame

From the Godfather of American Wargaming, Jack Scruby, comes the Rules For A 30 Years Wargame. We have the people at Historifigs to thank for offering these free reprints of classic wargames rules.

Scum of the High Seas Pirate Rules

Scum of the High Seas is Rudi Geudens set of hex-based. card driven rules for playing games of Pirates on the high seas. Like others in this series, they’re based loosely on Richard Borg’s Battle Cry system.