The Sword and The Pike

The Sword and The Pike is a renaissance variant for Larry Brom’s classic The Sword and The Flame.

A Glorious Victory

The Armchair General writes:

A GLORIOUS VICTORY (AGV) is a reasonably quick and easy set of wargames rules designed for the period of warfare from around the early 15th century through to the latter part of the 16th century, thus covering the War of the Roses and most of the Renaissance period.

Age of Marlborough Modifications For Age of Reason

Warflag has some modifications for the commercial Age of Reason rules to allow you tu use them to fight battles in the Age of Marlborough.

Winged Fury Late Renaissance Wargames Rules

Winged Fury is a set of wargames rules for games set in the late Renaissance. You’ll find it under files in the Yahoo group.

Barded Fury Renaissance Rules

Barded Fury is a set of early Renaissance rules from the Ambler Gamers. You can get them from their Yahoo Group.