Warblocks Rules

Warblocks is a set of free wargames rules using Jenga blocks as troops.

Rabbidgerbal Wrestling!

Rabbidgerbal Wrestling! is a set of free rules for professional wrestlers in a ring.

Expanding Memoir ’44

Here’s an interesting bit on one gamers’ expansion of the Memoir ’44 system to a variety of conflicts.

Action Figure Combat Rules

Action Figure Combat is a set of free wargames rules for games with 1/8 inch action figures. From the author’s introduction:

Action Figure Combat is a ‘Beer and Pretzels’ style game that is fast and easy to learn. It is a set of game rules for use with 1/18 scale (3.75”) action figures. Now you can play a game with your military action figures and emulate your favorite cartoon and comic book battles. The focus is on small unit tactics involving a dozen or so action figures on the table with the option of one or two vehicles.

Duel Blade

Duel Blade is:

A two-player head to head combat mechanic for table-top game play, Duel Blade pits two combatants of equivalent skill in a contest of strategy and endurance. Choice of armor and weapons helps to shape combat strategy and fighting style. Weapons balance attributes of accuracy and power, armor balances the attributes of evasion and deflection. Are you a powerful barbarian brandishing a mighty battle axe, or a swash buckling pirate who finds value in speed over strength? Choice of armor and weapon will change your strategies and your game.

Game mechanic uses 2d6.