Very Simple Generic Miniatures Rule, Revised

Here are a set of Very Simple Generic Miniatures Rules.

Charles Grant’s Battle

Between 1968 and 1970, wargaming pioneer Charles Grant wrote a serialized wargames guide in Meccano Magazine. The serial is now available as a free download. This serial eventually became his classic Battle: Practical Wargaming.

Road Cycling Tour Miniatures Game

Fog’s Soldiers offers a set of free miniatures rules for Road Cycling, and not incidentally, a line of miniatures to go with it. You don’t need them, though, because you also can download printable rider tokens.

Brickhammer Lego Wargames Rules

Brickhammer is a set of free wargames rules for playing wargames using Lego and minifigs.

Minifigz Lego Combat Rules

Minifigz is a set of rules for combat with Lego figurines.