Duel Blade

Duel Blade is:

A two-player head to head combat mechanic for table-top game play, Duel Blade pits two combatants of equivalent skill in a contest of strategy and endurance. Choice of armor and weapons helps to shape combat strategy and fighting style. Weapons balance attributes of accuracy and power, armor balances the attributes of evasion and deflection. Are you a powerful barbarian brandishing a mighty battle axe, or a swash buckling pirate who finds value in speed over strength? Choice of armor and weapon will change your strategies and your game.

Game mechanic uses 2d6.

Crouching Hero Hidden Daggers

Jim Wallman presents yet another game in Crouching Heroes, Hidden Daggers: A fantasy skirmish based on the more fantastical type of chinese martial arts movie. With characters inspired by the Water Margin. Simple rules, with action cards

Striker Soccer/Football Miniatures Rules

If you have Amazon Kindle Unlimited, you can get a free copy of the Striker Soccer/Football Miniatures rules. From the description:

Striker!’ is a set of easy-to-understand rules for playing incredibly realistic miniature soccer / football matches on a tabletop. Each match plays just like a wargame, using Subbuteo sized figures or cardboard markers to represent players, and a couple of dice.

‘Striker’ can be enjoyed by two players, groups of players or completely solo! All you need to experience the game is a table. Fans of Subbuteo already have almost everything needed to enjoy ‘Striker!’ tabletop soccer / football.

If you’ve ever wanted to capture all the thrills and tactics of the real game, the ‘Striker!’ set of easy-to-understand rules are the perfect answer. The rules are so realistic, and so true to the game, they can also be used by every soccer / football coach as a powerful grassroots teaching tool.

Written and created by an experienced football coach (and an experienced wargamer) these rules let you enjoy the thrill of every big match… in your home… in miniature! The ‘Striker!’ rulebook has been deliberately low-priced to make it affordable to every fan that plays soccer / football, coaches, or simply loves the game.

Poly Wars Dice Combat Game

Poly Wars is a set of free wargames rules in which the dice themselves are the miniatures.

Overshadow Battle Game

Overshadow Battle Game is a miniatures skirmish game played on a checkerboard. The author writes:

OverShadow is an easy-to-learn battle board game in which you and your opponent both command a small, ragtag group of soldiers and a powerful captain. You will maneuver through the battlefield, attack your opponents units, and vie for command of the board. Do you have what it takes to overshadow your opponents?