The Tomahawk and the Flame

The Tomahawk and The Flame is a variant of Larry Brom’s Sword and the Flame rules for the American Indian wars 1866 – 1890.

Forgotten Futures Role Playing Game

Forgotten Futures is Marcus Rowland’s role playing game of scientific romance. It’s been around for quite a while, having been available on the web for years, before being published by the Heliograph. That company now has discontinued the product, and it again is available on the web. I have a printed copy, and have really enjoyed it. There are plenty of ideas there for miniature wargamers, especially if you like games with a role playing flavor.

‘Splorers, Savages, Soldiers and Slavers

‘Splorers, Savages, Soldiers and Slavers is a set of miniatures skirmish rules by Alan Hamilton for the Morvalistan wing of the Morval Earth project. Morvalistan is:

a fictional area of Africa. It covers the general region of the current Congo, Kenya and Tanzania. It was created in 1999 by Alan Hamilton … Set in Victorian times the main characters are British, European and tribal. That is not to say that the Americans and Chinese do not appear.

Nelsons Wars: Napoleonic Naval Rules

Andy Watkins offers Nelson’s Wars, a set of rules for miniatures battles in the age of fighting sail. The mechanics are based on the Silent Death rules, which use dice of different sizes (d4, d6, d8, d10 etc.) to distinguish between different weapons systems.

3D Steampunk Inspiration

Mateen Greenway has produced an amazing set of 3D computer images of victorian science fiction vehicles, including cloudships, ether flyers and cities on Mars. Its a great bit of inspiration.