Wallpaper for Buildings

While building some 15mm ruins and houses this morning, I remembered a quick and easy tip for getting the insides of your houses to look like the insides of a house – wallpaper.

www.decoratetoday.com has a MILLION,ZILLION wall paper designs that are great for all scales of miniatures. Just print out and bam! ready made interiors. They even have borders if you just want that. I came across this site while making maps for Call of Duty, and have been busy with it ever since.

When printing it out use regular paper, and a thin wash (60/40 white glue/water) to coat the sample pretty well. Stick on the wall of your choice and let dry. Make sure to get the air bubbles out by gently sliding a ruler over it. When dry (usually a couple hours), a very thin wash of brown/grey over it gives it the bombed out look.

The amount of samples they have are incredible – Bamboo, suede, brick, cobblestone, parchment, its insane. Best of all the entire site is searchable so you can look for yellow stone for example

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