Victorian Villains Card Game

WarpSpawn has created a card game called Victorian Villains, which features such period luminaries as Sherlock Holmes, Tarzan, James West, Professor Moriarty, Count Dracula, Rasputin and Jack The Ripper. Its obviously not a miniatures game, but fans of the genre might find it interesting.

Update: To clear up any confusion, there are no pdf files fo the actual cards. Like all of Lloyd’s marvelous games, there is simply a list of cards. You have to make your own set out of playing cards, or old ccg cards. I put stickey labels on playing cards and use them.

Ceylon (Sri Lanka) In The 1800s

Wargames Scenarios For Southern African Wars 1838 – 1884

Scenarios for the wars in Southern Africa from 1838 to 1884 is free, and designed for the Victorian Steel rules. The scenarios are easily adaptable to other rules sets, though.