Flip It Paper Combat

From the authors:

Flipit: Paper Combat is a fast-paced tabletop miniatures game in a setting similar to WWII. Players lead forces from one of the four major nations into the conflict for Jurop. Armies are built of models players can download, print and build for almost free (you still have to supply the ink, paper, and glue). There are simple starter rules available, which may be supplimented by optional advanced rules to make gameplay more challenging

Hat Tip to Martyn for the link.

Converting 25mm Paper Figures To 6mm Paper Figures

Squirmydad has a tutorial on converting 25mm paper figures to 6mm paper figures suitable for mounting on pennies. He superimposes the original figures on a colored circle that can be folded and glued to pennies. Using Photoshop, he shows you how to adjust the DPI, scale, and add the background and base. It’s very good, and I’m going to try the same thing in Corel PhotoPaint.

Fantasy Paper Miniatures

There are just too many good 2.5D fantasy miniatures on Eddnic’s site to begin to list them. Visit and take a look.

Paper Star Trek Miniatures

One Monk offers a set of paper miniatures for Star Trek adventures.