German Military Uniforms 1740 – 1900

The New York Public Library’s Digital Gallery has color plates of German military uniforms dating from 1740 – 1900. These include the uniforms of German states such as Anhalt, Bavaria, Saxony, Hamburg, Hessen, Prussia, Nurnburg, Saxe-Weimar, Wurtemburg, and Westphalia.

French Unforms 56BC to 1806

For a terrific collection of color plates of French military costume from the Gauls to 1806, visit The New York Public Library digital galleries.

Uniforms of Russia 960 – 1900

The New York Public Library Images collection has an amazing collection of the uniforms of Russian armed forces from 960 – 1900. Most are in color. All are useful.

Roman Army Uniforms

Who needs Osprey Books? The New York Public Library has a gorgeous set of color plates of the uniforms of the Ancient Roman Army.

Mexican Uniforms 1826 – 1906

The New York Public library has put online its collection of color military plates. Most are hand colored block prints. The collection of Mexican Uniforms 1826 – 1906 could come in handy as a painting guide for the Texas Rebellion and the US – Mexican War, as well as the Maximilian period.