Polish Uniforms 1633 – 1797

The New York Public Library’s Digital Collection has plates of Polish uniforms from 1633 to 1787.

Painting A 15mm M4A1

Here’s a photo tutorial for painting a 15mm M4A1 tank.

Guide To Painting World War II Germans

The League of Augsburg website has a pdf quick and dirty guide to painting World War II Germans. There are some good suggestions in here as to which Vallejo and other paint lines to use.

Austrian Uniforms 1448 – 1896

The New York Public Library’s Digital Gallery has a large collection of prints of Austrian uniforms from 1448 – 1896. It’s an incredible painting guide.

Painting Horses Tutorial

Kevin’s Miniatures and Hobby Table has a good article on painting horses. I have never been good at painting the beasts.