Smoke On The Water Civil War Iron Clads Rules

I have a large collection of 1/1200 Civil War Ironclads but have never played many games with them becuase I haven’t really found a set of rules I liked. I may give theis free set called Smoke on the Water a try.

Design and Fight A Civil War Ironclad

Pete Pellegrino has written a set of free miniature wargames rules called Damn The Torpedos. In the game, you customize your ironclad, and then take it out to fight in the Cvil War battle of Mobile Bay.

Heart of Oak, Skin of Iron

Heart of Oak, Skin of Iron is a set of free wargame rules for naval combat in the years 1852 – 1870.

American Civil War Rules

This is a one-page set of rules for American Civil war naval and river battles.

A Hotter Fire ACW Naval Rules

A Hotter Fire is a set of free wargames rules for naval comabt between civil war ironclads.