Age of Sigmar Point System Fix

Age of Sigmar, Games’ Workshop’s attempt to kill Warhammer Fantasy, lacks even a basic points system. The rules allow each player to field whatever sized army they like. That doesn’t sit well with a lot of players, so the One Page Rules guys have come up with a points system fix for Age of Sigmar.

Age of Sigmar Free Rules and Warscrolls

In a pretty interesting turn of events, Games Workshop now offers the rules and army lists for its fantasy miniatures game for free.

I actually see this as the final death throes of the game.

One Page 40K Chapter Lists

The One Page 40K Rules have been updated to include lists for various Space Marine chapters.

Activation Roll, Action Point Alternate Skirmish Rules For Warhammer 40K

Gemini is a set of alternate skirmish rules for Warhammer 40K that use an Activation Roll, Action Point system.

There seem to be quite a few people who love the Warhammer 40K Universe, but who are less than enamored with the rules.

FUMBBL Online Bloodbowl League

The FUMBLL Online Bloodbowl League “is an online Blood Bowl league open for everyone who wants to join in. As there is no set schedule, you can play whenever you have the time to do so.