Rupert’s Very Bad Day: Battle of Marston Moor

The Junior General offers a set of rules for the English Civil War battle of Marston Moor.

ECW Rules

The Jackson Gamers have this set of free wargamesrules for the English Civil War. They use a card activation system, (not surprising, considering the acknowledged Brom influence), and d6s to resolve actions. These rules are 20 years old and in their 6th edition, so they are well-tested.

Victory Without Quarter English Civil War Rules

Victory Without Quarter is a set of free wargames rules for quick play English Civil War battles.

Free English Civil War Flags

This 28mm Life offers a large collection of free print-and-play flags from the English Civil War.

English Civil War – One Hour Wargame

English Civil War is a modification of the Horse & Musket/Pike & Shot rules in Neil Thomas’s ‘One Hour Wargames.’