Making Wargames Terrain From Christmas Villages

I have often looked at those cheap Christmas village buildings and thought that they would be great for tabletop wargaming — if only they didn’t have those piles of molded snow and Christmas decorations. Here’s an article about converting one of those pieces.

The solution to the snow piles is a head slapper: convert them to patches of moss with foam turf.

Dressing Up Christmas Village Houses

This time of year, there are a lot of great bargains on Christmas Village model houses. The problem is that they’re so … Christmassy.

The Santa Cruz wargames blog has an article on how to convert those Christmas village houses to something more usable in wargames.

Turning Christmas Village Buildings Into Wargames Scenery

Iron Hands has an article on turning those cheap and ubiquitous porcelain “Christmas Village” buildings into Mordhiem scenery. The results are very good.