Silly Movie Skirmish Game

The Silly Movie Skirmish Game is designed to mimic over-the-top action hero movies.

The author writes:

This game was developed by myself as a quick and easy, simple as can be, fun table top game using any miniatures. The game is not designed to be a simulation of real combat, it is designed to mimic the over the top action and ability witnessed in many a action film.

With a little tweaking the game can be sci fi, horror or wargame. The idea is to create a movie style hero or team of heroes of different heroic value and pit them against stupid bad guys and increasingly clever villains.

For a normal game Grunts and Henchmen (cannon fodder) should be set at HERO 0, favourite units set at HERO 1 with NCOs at HERO2. Lesser HEROs should be set at 3 to 4, with screen idols set at 5 to 6. OTT Heroes set at HERO 7.

For a more true to life game, the max hero should be set at HERO 3 and those characters should be seen as the best SF force (SAS, SEALS etc), Elite forces maybe set at HERO 2 and Normal NCO’s set at HERO 1.

Keep your games simple, don’t go into much depth, enjoy mindless action J

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