Random Solo Adventures: Ghost Manor

Ghost Manor is a solo adventure based on the Random Solo Adventure system. The author writes:

Ghost Manor is a FREE tiny Random Solo Adventure.

At 37 pages, it takes you on a quick, but fun, journey through a random haunted mansion, filled with ghosts, spirits and even werewolves! Spend a night and gain a fortune…

The book is based on the Random Solo Adventure rule system, though a bit minimized for the free version.

This is released for FREE (or pay what you want – all support is appreciated and makes it possible for us to continue create new gamebooks!) for anyone to download and even spread further to your friends and family.

Free Icons For Your Board Game Designs

If you’re an aspiring game designer these free icons will help to improve the look of your prototypes and homebrew rules.

Freight Wars Tile Placing Game

Freight Wars is a tile placing game where you try to build a Victorian era transportation network of roads, rivers and railways.

What’s unique about this is that the print-and-play game actually consists of a program which randomly generates the tiles (For printing as a pdf), so that no two sets of tiles of Freight Wars are a like.

Making Plowed Fields With A Hot Glue Gun

Here’s a nice photo tutorial on making some very effective plowed fields with a hot glue gun.

Round Table: A DBM Arthurian Campaign

Jeff Herbert offers “Round Table,” a set of rules for a DBM Arthurian campaign. This would be a really interesting game, considering the fine Romano British figures now out from Gripping Beast and others.