Fourteen Free Microlite 20 RPG Variants

Microlite 20 is a set of minimalist RPG rules designed for compatibility with Old School Dungeons and Dragons materials, as well as the d20 OGL. Fourteen free Microlite 20 variants are available at the link.

Maccabees and Menorahs RPG

Maccabees and Menorahs is a “dreidel powered” powered role playing game designed for play over the eight nights of Hannukah.

The authors write:

Maccabees and Menorahs is a collaborative game where 2-5 players retell the story of Hanukkah. One person will be the Nagid (leader) who guides the group through the story. The other players will take on the roles of the Maccabees. When an outcome is uncertain, players spin the dreidel to find out what happens.

This game is designed to be played over eight short (15 minute) sessions, perhaps after lighting the menorah each night. You could also play it in one sitting.

Mobsters Prohibition Era Gangster Game

Mobsters is a role playing game of prohibition era gangsters.

World War II Role Playing Game

The World War II RPG by Mikko Kauppinen is designed as a simple game that is deadly to low level characters, but that allows more powerful characters to do very cinematic actions. Characters have three attributes and a number of skills. Action resolution is done by rolling 1d6, subtracting the result from the relevant attribute and adding one. If the result is more than zero, the character has succeeded, and bigger numbers mean greater successes.

Nights of the Crusades RPG

Nights of the Crusades is an RPG that’s gotten lots of good reviews. The good news is that the pdf is free.