Legends of Old Mars LotR LotOW Variant

Legends of Old Mars is a Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Barsoom variant of Games Workshop’s Lord of the Rings / Legends of the Old West game. I think that system is perfect for playing games involving John Carter, Tars Tarkas and the other denizens of Burrough’s Barsoom.

Savage Worlds Lord Of The Rings Skirmish

The Savage Worlds role playing system has attracted the attention of a lot of miniature wargamers becuase it is so easily usable as a miniatures game. There’s even a free subset of the role playing rules called Savage Worlds Showdown, designed specifically for miniatures skirmish.

Here’s a free expansion for Savage Worlds for playing Lord of the Rings Skirmish Games.

Lord of The Rings Playsheet

Here’s a downloadable playsheet for Games Workshop’s Lord of the Rings game.

Roar of the Crowd Gladiator Rules

Roar of the Crowd is a set of free rules for playing science fiction, fantasy or historical gladiator games.

Elfball Fantasy Sports Rules

Elfball is a fantasy football game
from Impact Games, a new company which produces fantasy football figures. I’ve always wanted to get into fantasy football, but painting those figures has jsut not been on my short list.