Weapons of the Philippines

This site was useful to me when I was working on my Moro / Philippine Rebellion wargame. The 25mm Old Glory Moro miniatures are neat, but I sometimes had a hard time telling what all the bits were. This site helped me make some sense of the weapons the figures were carrying.

Rorke’s Drift rules

Rorke’s Drift has captured the imagination as one of the greatest stands in history. Thousands of brave Zulu warriors versus a handful of stalwart British soldiers. What’s not to like? The battle is a staple for colonial wargamers. Steve Winter has these free wargames rules for Rorke’s Drift.

British In Zululand Painting Guides

Duncan’s Colonial Modeling blog has a nice series of photos of British uniforms intended as a painting guide for the British in Zululand

British Name Generator

To do a proper Victorian science fiction game, you’ve got to have characters with very British names. This site will help you out by generating proper british names.

New Zealand Colonial War Miniatures Featured In News

An article in the New Zealand Dominion Post highlights a wargamers’ recreation of the Battle of Boulcott’s Farm which took place in Lower Hutt in May 1846


Miniature figures lines up to recreate New Zealand Land War

Miniature figures lines up to recreate New Zealand Land War

Wargamer Roly Hermans will recreate the Battle of Boulcott’s Farm.

Source: www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/culture/98288339/miniature-figures-lines-up-to-recreate-new-zealand-land-war