Take Back Toe Print and Play

Take Back Toe is a free print and play game with elements of mancala and backgammon.


12 Patrols Print and Play

12 patrols is a free solo print and play game that consists of just nine cards to print. You’ll also need nine d6 and nine markers. In the game, you are a constable sending out patrols to protect the nine regions.


Red7 Print and Play Card Game

Red7 is a free print and play card game from Carl Chudyk, designer of the legendary Glory to Rome. In it, you play numbered, color cards to either build your color palette or change the scoring conditions.

Blankout Roll and Write Game

Blankout is a free roll and write game in which players try to fill up a grid with tetomino shapes. A roll of a die determines which shape players must use, but the shapes can be rotated to fit on the grid. The last player who can still fit a piece in, tetris-like, is the winner.

Bower Print and Play Game

Bower is a free print and play game about Australian Bowerbirds collecting items to increase the visual appeal of their nests.

Collecting and decorating is a thing with the species, as you can see from the nest below: