Tabletop Audio Ambience and Music For Gamers and Games

Tabletop Audio offers nearly 70 ten minute clips of ambience and audio designed to enhance your gaming experiences. There’s stuff for historical, fantasy, horror and science fiction games.

These are really cool.

Tuck Box Creator

The Tuck Box Creator lets you create foldable boxes for your game pieces.

Just the thing for all those great print and play games.

Making A Portable Wargames Table From Doors

Librarium Online has a post on making a cheap and easy, transportable wargames table from a pair of doors.

Making A Figure Case

Good solution here for making your own figure case. I do something similar. Clear, rigid plastic boxes are the way to go.

BattleLore Battle Box Project

Days of Wonder’s Battlelore has lots of fiddly bits that need organizing. The BattleBox project offers pdf downloads for a series of foldable storage boxes.