Ancients D6 Version 3

Ancients D6 is a very nice looking set of Ancients rules. They also have extensive army lists. From the introduction:

Gone are our days of playing complicated simulations. Most of my friends and I do not have nearly the time to play long and complicated rules systems. I love Ancient and Medieval warfare and was looking for the perfect game. I have bought and tried many of the games on the market and found different things:
· Games were needlessly complicated.
· Games were so simple that they were not very rewarding.
· Games were not well thought out.

When playing some games, a certain amount of math is required. Simple math done over and over again for hours at a time can be quite tiring. Too many modifiers will wear a person out in no time at all. So our challenge was to:
· Design a game that can be played in 1 or 2 hours
· Provide simple game mechanics to minimize the math calculations
· Provide an easy to follow game turn
· Allow for the nuances the different armies of antiquity


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