Alien War Science Fiction Rules

Howard Whitehouse offers a playtest version of Alien War Whitehouse writes:

In a time when gamers have come to accept that a rules set must be a bloated, over-priced volume handed down without consultation, to be followed without question, we thought we’d do something completely different.

We thought we’d give you a set of rules to test, for free, and see if you like them. We thought we’d open up the process of development to a wider audience and listen to what people had to say. For the last year we’ve had gamers from three continents playing these rules and adding their suggestions. And now we are offering them to you, free.

Play it, see what you think. If you are interested in contributing to it, we would love you to. We won’t promise to use every suggestion (and we aren’t going back to step one, either!) but if you’ll play it and let us know what you think, we’ll have a better game at the end of it all. Instructions on how to do that are below.

Alien War, designed by Howard Whitehouse, is a game of ground combat for 28mm (1/56 scale) models set in the year 2260. The rules have been designed to give you an authentic feel for the future battlefield (at least the one we envision!)

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