Under Reconstruction

The software I have used for a decade has finally come to the end of its life. I had hoped to keep it up for another week, so people could download anything they wanted from the forums and so that I could tweak the replacement software. I also had hoped to develop a better looking site design.

Sadly, it was not to be. Over the past several weeks, I had watched ever-increasing error messages, and the server had to be reset a number of times. The old software completely collapsed Sunday (April 12), and has not come back up.

The good news is that I saw this coming and spent my vacation week going through every one of the 7,000 links on the old site, checking for broken links. As of this writing, every link is now updated.

In the upcoming week, I plan to restore more functionality, including relaunching the forums. Unfortunately, there was no way to export the old forum posts — the software and database formats were just too old. I apologize and hope that you’ll rejoin the new forums when they are launched.

In the meantime, I plan to continue the post-a-day format, with new things for gamers every day.

Thanks for your understanding.


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