Magic Maze Boardgame Print and Play

Sit Down Games has a print-and-play game called Magic Maze.

Terrene Print-And-Play Worldbuilding Game

Terrene is a print-and-play game

where 2-6 players have to build a world with tiles to compete against each other and complete quests and win the game. The existing tiles are forests, mountains, fields and water tiles. In order to complete the quests the player has to combine these different land tiles and create the desired pattern for the quest criteria. If the player succeeds they will be awarded by the quest points and be able to move their meeple on the score board. Throughout the game there should always be three main quests visible for all players on the table until the quest pile is empty. Each player also receives a hidden quest only visible for the player and upon completion the player recieves a new private quest card.

(Your Name Here) And The Argonauts

(Your Name Here) and the Argonauts is a solo, print-and-play game of Greek mythological adventure. The game changes through multiple replays, and thus has a bit of a campaign feel.

Dragon Rage Classic Board Game

Dragon Rage is a free print-and-play version of the old Dwarfstar game. From the website:

DRAGON RAGE is a game of mythical creatures attacking a walled medieval city. The game-board is a full color aerial view of the city and surrounding territory, and the counters include knights, infantry, heroes, wizards, dragons, ores, trolls, great birds, giants, and other mythical creatures and beasts. The game rules include six scenarios, and a table for creating your own games with different combinations of monsters and city defense forces.