Legend of Zelda Clockwork Realm Print and Play Board Game

Legend of Zelda Clockwork Realm is a fan-made, print and play board game. 

Napoleon At Chattanooga

Napoleon at Chattanooga is a free print-and-play board game. The authors write:

Napoleon at Chattanooga (NaC) is a painstakingly-researched, meticulously accurate simulation of Napoleon’s campaign in the Tennessee Valley. It is also a two-player game of exploration and conquest in the Solar System, which is also painstaking but not necessarily accurate.

Axemen and Allies

Axemen and Allies is an fantasy/medieval variant for Axis and Allies.

Doomrealm Dungeoneering Print And Play

Doomrealm is a print-and-play, roll-and-write game with a dungeon crawling theme.

Pencils and Powers Print-And-Play Game

Pencils and Powers is a print-and-play game that is billed as a “roll and write.” Basically, they’re on-page dungeons that are resolved through decisions and dice rolls. The link takes you to the inventor’s Facebook page. Click on the Play Game link to get to the files.