Dice Probability Calculator

Anydice is an online probability calculator. Useful for game and rules designers.

Cult of Ulric Warhammer Army

Cult of Ulric is a new Warhammer Fantasy fan-made army sourcebook. It’s very professionally done.

Building A Wooden Stockade

Here’s a photo story on making a wooden stockade from bamboo skewers.

Create An Ebook From Wikipedia

Acknowledging that Wikipedia has is credibility issues, here’s a neat way to combine Wiki articles into an ebook.

On the left hand side of an article page, click on “Create A Book.”

Click “Start Book Creator” in the center column.

Then, navigate to the pages you want to add. At the top center of each article page is a box which says “Book Creator” and inside that is an “Add This Page To Your Book” link. Click on that to add the article, then go on to the next.

When you’re done adding pages, click on “Show Book”

This takes you to another page that lets you reorder the pages, then download in various formats or even order a physical copy.

Neat stuff.

Hearts of Tin Horse and Musket Rules

Ross Macfarlane offers Hearts of Tin, a set of simple Horse and Musket rules: